educating nomadic children [nov 2015]

On our way back from school, we noticed Koja Ram, Ramesh, Bugdawat and Badaam at a construction site and learnt that they were children of construction workers from village Rawla (Kolayat Tehsil, Bikaner). Their parents generally find employment for about two to three months at a stretch after which they move to another location.   We […]


diwali’s here [nov 2015]

 diwali’s here and armna’s about to explode a ‘desi bomb’


understanding mathematics [oct 2015]

 students of class ix-gulnar, shahrukh, arman, shoyab and anis understanding mathematics


Raj Sir on his ‘discover’ [oct 2015]

 Raj Sir with his sister pushpa, swati and mani shankar


Tanjeel’s down with jaundice [oct 2015]

6 yo Tanjeel is down with jundice. He’s seen here wearing a ‘mala’ (garland) made out of roots of medicinal plants. He’s gradually recovering.


Who’s scared of squirrels ? [nov 2015]

Certainly not Asifa !


Priyanka meets Jamila [oct 2015]

 The two meet after quite a while …


Burial for a pigeon [oct 2015]

 Children burying a dead pigeon that got hit by a ceiling fan


Jamila visits a mall [oct 2015]

Jamila visits a mall (Vishal Mega Mart, Bikaner) for the first time in her life


Najma injures her elbows… [oct 2015]

Najma injures her elbows and is being given first aid.